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K-RIS(Keio Researchers Information System) is a
database that provides research achievement and
information of Keio researches on the web.




Data entry&Update

Researchers and supporting staffs who already have an account ID can log in to modify, add and delete data. (Japanese Only)

(Important) Replacing the Keio Researchers Information System (K-RIS)

The Keio Researchers Information System (K-RIS) will be replaced to the new system in April 2019.
The current K-RIS will end its operation by February 11 due to the data migration processing.

(1) Schedule
Until February 11, 2019
* The data registered until February 11 will be transfered to the new K-RIS.
February 12 - Mid April 2019
* You can not updated or input data during this period, but you can view and output data.

(2) Proxy application
The researcher can assign a proxy to assist in registering information.
By doing so, the proxy has the same authority as the researcher to enter information.
To apply, the researcher must submit the proxy application form.

K-RIS proxy application form

Entering Data into the Keio Researchers Information System (K-RIS)

K-RIS is an information system based on the general principle of making the educational and research activities conducted at Keio University publically accessible in Japan and abroad.
In order to share Keio's research with the wider community, we ask that you enter your information.

Entering Data into the Keio Researchers Information System (K-RIS)(English)

Public Launch of Keio’s New “Pure” Web Portal

In order to widely disseminate Keio University research achievements to
the public, a Keio portal for an Elsevier-run research information
system called “Pure” went into operation on 10 November to supplement
the Keio Researchers Information System (K-RIS).

Research achievements of Keio University full-time regular faculty
members that are registered in Scopus -one of the world’s largest
abstract and citation databases -will become public via Pure. Making
research achievements public through a new Pure portal site is a

Keio University’s Pure web portal can be accessed at the following address:

Data Importing

Publication information registered in Pure can be imported to K-RIS in one go.
Importing from Pure: Click the following link for the manual
manual [Bulk Importing from Pure to K-RIS] [PDF]