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Faculty of Policy Management (Shonan Fujisawa)


Associate Professor

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  • Masahiro Kotosaka is an Associate Professor at Keio University and advisor to several global start-up companies. Before moving to Keio, he was a faculty at Ritsumeikan, a junior faculty at University of Oxford, and was a consultant at McKinsey & Company (Frankfurt/Tokyo). As a practitioner, he worked for sixteen client organizations across nine industries and nine countries, and spent four years running three profitable IT/Retail businesses before joining McKinsey. He graduated from University of Oxford with D.Phil. (PhD) in Management Studies and MSc in Management Research with Distinction.

Career 【 Display / hide

  • 2000

    Newrong, Inc., Representative Director

  • 2002

    Vita-Japan, Co., Ltd., Executive Director

  • 2002

    E-jis, Inc., Representative Director

  • 2004

    McKinsey & Company, Tokyo/Frankfurt

  • 2015

    Appirits, Inc., External Director

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Academic Background 【 Display / hide

  • 2000.09

    慶応義塾大学, 環境情報学部, 環境情報学科

    Japan, University, Graduated, Other

  • 2008.10

    University of Oxford, Said Business School, MSc. Management Research

    The United Kingdom, Graduate School, Completed, Master's course

  • 2009.10

    University of Oxford, Said Business School, D.Phil. in Management Studies

    The United Kingdom, Graduate School, Completed, Doctoral course

Academic Degrees 【 Display / hide

  • MSc. Management Research with Distinction, University of Oxford, Coursework, 2009.09

  • D.Phil. in Management Studies, University of Oxford, Coursework, 2013.08


Research Areas 【 Display / hide

  • Management

Research Keywords 【 Display / hide

  • International Management

  • Strategy

  • Entrepreneurial Management


Books 【 Display / hide

  • The Essence of Strategic Management

    Kotosaka, M., Toyo Keizai, 2018

  • Japanese Management in Evolution New Directions, Breaks, and Emerging Practices

    Kotosaka, M., Sako, M., Routledge, 2017

    Contact page: 237-161

  • 領域を超える経営学 - グローバル経営の本質を「知の系譜」で読み解く

    KOTOSAKA Masahiro, ダイヤモンド社, 2014

  • 戦略経営論―競争力とグローバリゼーション

    マイケル・A. ヒット, ロバート・E. ホスキソン, R.デュエーン アイルランド, センゲージラーニング, 2014,  Page: 609

    Contact page: 338-387

  • East Asian Capitalism: Diversity, Continuity, and Change

    KOTOSAKA Masahiro, Oxford University Press, 2012

    Scope: 132-158

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Papers 【 Display / hide

  • The distinctiveness and diversity of entrepreneurial ecosystems in China, Japan, and South Korea: an exploratory analysis

    Martin Hemmert, Adam R. Cross, Masahiro Kotosaka, et, al.

    Asian Business & Management (Springer Nature)  18 ( 3 ) 1 - 37 2019.05

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Accepted,  ISSN  14724782

     View Summary

    © 2019, Springer Nature Limited. Entrepreneurial ecosystems at the regional level have been intensively studied in Western countries, but much less so in East Asia. We study five major ecosystems located in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Suzhou, and Chongqing, focusing on the business conditions for information technology (IT) start-ups. Our domain analysis reveals that these entrepreneurial ecosystems differ in various important aspects from leading Western counterparts such as Silicon Valley. Furthermore, we find differences in the growth and internationalization of firms across entrepreneurial ecosystems in China, Japan, and South Korea. Public policy should focus on supporting high-potential start-ups and strengthening the ecosystems’ global outreach.

  • Multi-layered Factors Influencing the Firm's Internationalization Strategy: Institutions, Micro environment, and Firm-level Capabilities

    KOTOSAKA Masahiro

    Dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (University of Oxford)   2013

    Doctoral Thesis, Single Work, Accepted

  • Global value chains for firms 'born global': criteria for make-or-buy and location decisions

    KOTOSAKA Masahiro

    Dissertation for the degree of Master of Science (University of Oxford)   2009

    Master Thesis, Single Work, Accepted

Reviews, Commentaries, etc. 【 Display / hide

  • Large Firms and ICT Startups in Japan – The New Forms of the Relationship

    Kotosaka, M.

    VEC Yearbook 2018: Annual Report on Japanese Startup Businesses (VEC)     51 - 57 2019

    Introduction and explanation (bulletin of university, research institution), Single Work

  • Transfigurations of Venture Management Personnel: an Outline From The Perspective of Board Composition at The Time of Company Listing on The TSE Mothers Index

    Kotosaka, M.

    VEC Yearbook 2017: Annual Report on Japanese Startup Businesses (VEC)     51 - 58 2018

    Introduction and explanation (bulletin of university, research institution), Single Work

  • アントレプレナーにとって、平成はどのような時代だったのか

    琴坂将広, 井上大智, 熊本大樹

    Keio SFC Journal (湘南藤沢学会)  18 ( 1 ) 106 - 126 2018

    Introduction and explanation (bulletin of university, research institution), Joint Work

  • The gradual accumulation of professionals has started to accelerate the growth of Japanese startups

    Kotosaka, M.

    VEC Yearbook 2016: Annual Report on Japanese Startup Businesses (VEC)     84 - 87 2017

    Introduction and explanation (bulletin of university, research institution), Single Work

  • GE: a story of continuous organizational renovation (in Japanese).

    Kotosaka, M.

    Diamond Harvard Business Review (Diamond, Inc.)  42 ( 12 ) 74 - 91 2017

    Introduction and explanation (scientific journal), Single Work

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Presentations 【 Display / hide

  • Long-term development of an emerging field – The role of intra-field and cross-field institutional work. Evidence from the ICT entrepreneurial ecosystem in Japan

    Agata Kapturkiewicz and Masahiro Kotosaka

    Druid 2019 (Copenhagen, Denmark) , 2019, Oral Presentation(general), DRUID

  • Field Transformations: Cross-Field and Intra-Field Institutional Work in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

    Agata Kapturkiewicz and Masahiro Kotosaka

    Academy of Management Annual Meeting (Boston, MA) , 2019, Oral Presentation(general), Academy of Management

     View Summary

    We examine the long-term transformations of an emerging industry exchange field of the ICT entrepreneurial ecosystem in Japan, and the possible field-to-field interactions in these. A distinction between cross-field and intra-field institutional work is drawn and used as a lens to analyse data. We investigate institutional work on interactions (the informal interactions in virtual and physical spaces), intersections (the more formalised and structural arrangements that govern resources and shared issues), and interfaces (the communication protocols that affect interactions among actors) that relate to the resources of financing and labour. The data is based on qualitative interviews with selected ecosystem stakeholders. The findings contribute to the study of organisational fields and institutional work, and the nascent scholarship on entrepreneurial ecosystems as fields. Key insights are: 1) for an emerging industry exchange field functioning within a mature business system, if there is incompatibility between the fields, high power imbalance and low mutual resource dependence, it is the intra-field institutional work that matters more for the field’s development; 2) institutional work on intersections alone is insufficient for the development of comprehensive linkages between heterogenous actors within the field or across fields – the work on interactions and interfaces is also needed; 3) the main underlying mechanism for the intra-field institutional work that lead to the field’s development across phases is the cross-generational networking related to financing and labour; 4) if a field is growing, the institutional work on one of the resources has an enhancing impact on the institutional work done on other resources.

  • Why Not Internationalization? A Longitudinal Study of IT StartUps in China, South Korea and Japan

    Martin Hemmert, Adam R. Cross, Ying Cheng, Jae-Jin Kim, Florian Kohlbacher, Masahiro Kotosaka, Franz Waldenberger, Leven J. Zheng

    Academy of International Business Annual Meeting (Copenhagen, Denmark) , 2019, Oral Presentation(general), Academy of International Business

  • Managing the Co-Habitation Process During Intra-Family Succession

    Innan Sasaki and Masahiro Kotosaka

    Academy of Management Annual Meeting (Boston, MA) , 2019, Oral Presentation(general), Academy of Management

     View Summary

    In family firms, the co-habitation of incumbent and successor during intra-family succession may be particularly challenging because of the tendency of the former to preserve traditional ways, and the eagerness of the latter to introduce changes with a view of future developments. Our longitudinal case study begins to shed light on the potential influence of nonfamily members on the unfolding of the co-habitation. Our analysis reveals three distinct types of nonfamily members, whom we label defenders, prospectors, and connectors, and their alternating and complementary roles in reconciling the past-orientation of the incumbent and the future-orientation of the successor.

  • The Reorganization of Japan's Innovation System: Toward New Processes of Ideation and Invention

    Kotosaka, M.

    78th Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 2018, Symposium, Workshop, Panelist (nomination)

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  • 国際経営戦略

    立命館大学, 2018

  • 日本事情特殊講義

    立命館大学, 2018

  • 国際経営論

    立命館大学, 2018

  • Strategic Management

    Keio University, 2016, Spring Semester, Major subject, Lecture, Within own faculty, 1h, 120people

  • Multinational Management

    Keio University, 2016, Autumn Semester, Major subject, Lecture, Within own faculty, 1h, 15people

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  • Academy of International Business

  • Academy of Management

  • Society of the Advancement of Socio-Economics

  • Strategic Management Society