VU, Le Thao Chi



Faculty of Policy Management (Shonan Fujisawa)


Assistant Professor/Senior Assistant Professor

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  • Humanities & Social Sciences / Sociology (Choice Analysis, Risks, Human Security, Narrative, Development)


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  • Human Security and Empowerment in Asia: Beyond the Pandemic

    Mely Caballero Anthony, Yoichi Mine, Sachiko Ishikawa (Eds.) , Routledge , 2023.10

    Scope: Urban Poverty during Covid-19 in Vietnam Case Study: Ma Lang-Dong Tien Neighborhood, Ho Chi Minh Original author: Vu, Le Thao Chi

  • 流動する世界秩序とグローバルガバナンス

    神保 謙 ・ 廣瀬 陽子 編, Keio University Press , 2023.03

    Scope: 第12章 自由、選択と人間の不安 Original author: ヴ・レ・タオ・チ

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic and Risks in East Asia Media, Social Reactions, and Theories

    Nobuto Yamamoto (Ed.) , Routledge , 2022.11

    Scope: A sense of the Public: Japan and Vietnam Original author: Vu Le Thao Chi

  • Agent Orange and Rural Development in Post-war Vietnam (Routledge Contemporary Southeast Asia Series)

    Vu, Le Thao Chi , Routledge, 2020.03,  Page: 242

    Original author: Vu, Le Thao Chi , Accepted

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    The books tells the story of Vietnamese farmers who have survived a 30-year war of independence and unification, its damaging legacies in their living environment, and the unfamiliar pressure of the market economy. Vietnamese famers are neither simply obedient beneficiaries of policy decisions made by higher authorities nor convention-ridden cyphers. Rather, they are sophisticated decision-makers capable of navigating the changes threatening to disrupt their lives over multiple generations. Vu's research pays particular attention to those farmers whose families have suffered from direct and indirect exposure to the toxic herbicides popularly known as Agent Orange. She demonstrates that their priority has tended to be the protection of their existing assets, rather than pursuing the promise of new riches, and that this tendency has helped them maintain stability in a turbulent economic environment. A fascinating study for scholars of Vietnamese anthropology and society, the book will also be of interest to sociologists and economists with a broader interest in the impact of economic and political change on rural lifestyles

  • Human Insecurity in East Asia

    Michio Umegaki, et al., United Nations University Press, 2009.06,  Page: 308

    Scope: Embracing Human Security; Agent Orange-Dioxin and the legacies of the war in Vietnam,  Contact page: 21-46 Original author: Michio Umegaki, et al. , Accepted

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    Threats to human security aren't always as cataclysmic as a war or natural disaster. Often they are as subtle as a slowrising tide, whose calamitous nature remains unknown till it breaks out as a monstrous flood.

    East Asia, no stranger to regional wars or major natural disasters, is also known as the best performer in the United Nations poverty reduction program. The essays in this volume look into the interior of this dynamic and vibrant region to examine the many subtle as well as obvious threats to safe and secure life. The book calls attention to the less obvious threats to human security and how people and communities face them.

    Woven from first-hand observations of life at various sites in East Asia, the narratives illuminate how uncanny the threats to human security can be.

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